Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Clot Thickens...

Ha, get it. It is time for our hemophilia walk (June 28th) and we are walking under our new team name, The Clot Thickens, Travis thought of that and is very proud of himself. Zander would be content with a unique name like, "hemophilia" or "superheros"
This year I wanted to make a video with Zander and Harris (our Oregon hemophilia team members) asking them questions about hemophilia. They were both cute and not always accurate in their knowledge but then again they are only 5 and 4 years old. If you are able to give to our team that would be great. The money goes to fund outreach programs, education, and camp for the boys and girls affected (they can go once they finish the first grade). CLICK HERE is you can help, no amount is too small. Even if you can't give that is okay, please still watch the video, maybe the boys will teach you something.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Help our CF Sisters find a cure!


This year our CF walk will be on May 3rd, sorry we are getting this up late this year. Arden had another hospital stay(3rd one in less than a year) and it threw us off our schedule. Watch the video and see how much the girls have grown and see what makes them happy! Help these girls live to a really old age!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hemophilia Walk

This year the Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon is hosting our first ever hemophilia walk. We have a chance to raise money for our chapter, the money goes to sponsor educational programs, camps and money for research. We made this video all about our bloody good life. If you are able to help our team that would be great click here and when on the donation page, click "sponsor this team" Enjoy the video and don't be surprised if we get a family recording contract, we are almost as good as the Osmond Family!

Monday, April 1, 2013

It's CF time folks

Here are my adorable nieces, they should be the poster children for Cystic Fibrosis. We are walking again this year to raise money for a cure so these beautiful girls can grow to be OLD women. Enjoy the video and if you can donate click on the link, it will take you to Keely's CF page. Thank you!! Even if you can't give this year, watch the video...why, because they are cute.
Donate Here!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recap of the last.....several months!

I guess between Facebook and life I don't really think anybody looks at blogs much anymore. But I figured I would end the year out by actually doing a post to update what we have been up to since July...
Awny and her kids came out to visit, it was so great to have them here for a couple of weeks. The kids played hard and made many great memories...we even survived the bigger kids nonstop obsession with making and shooting homemade arrows.

In August we went to see Pam and Mike (who recently moved to Idaho from Indiana) We were able to spend time with them and Travis' siblings as well.

That brings us to September, a few days before school started Ayda and Zander both got Hand, Foot and Mouth big deal right. WRONG. It was a rough few days and a long few nights. Ayda was able to go to school her first day (she wasn't contagious at that point) but only made it half the day because she was so sick. She missed her second day of school and finally was able to go back the last day of the week. Pam and Mike were out for Ayda's first day of school, that was a special treat for her. Ayda started her first year of Chinese immersion and is doing well. It is hard, but she is really starting to pick it up. She knows a lot of characters and one day I am sure she will be able to tell me what they mean in English.

Ayda also did soccer for the first time this year, this was her first "land" sport and she learned a lot. I am glad she was on a team of very well seasoned girls and had coaches that were so great at helping Ayda learn. She even made a goal before the season was over. Her team won (by a lot) every single game.

We can't forget Zander, he is doing speech classes to help with his articulation disorder. He is coming a long nicely and is able to talk to and be understood by people outside our family. He is also in gymnastics and LOVING it. He is 100 percent boy, he never stops jumping and blowing things up with his imaginary guns. He is my shadow, we are rarely apart and I like it that way.
Zander ran into a tree at Ayda's first soccer game...bruised up his head

In October we made a big announcement to our kids...our family is growing. We are expecting another baby boy in April. He is due the 21st, Ayda hopes for baby to come on her birthday (24th) and I am just hoping he doesn't hold out as long as Zander did. We are excited for him to come, I can't imagine how busy my day will be with two boys...but I am guessing it will involve lots of jumping and climbing and fighting (fake I hope).  

Here are a couple pictures of the kids in their Sunday best (Christmas outfits). I had the stomach flu on Christmas day so I haven't uploaded pictures yet. But let's call this good enough.

Happy 2013!! (because I promise I will not post again before then!)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

we are alive

Summer is going by so is what we have been up to since May...
Ayda graduated from Kindergarten and was accepted to a Chinese immersion program for 1st-8th grade...we are very excited.
lots of swimming and playing with the new underwater camera

Awny and her kids came to visit, all 14 kids for 2 straight weeks played and played and was great!
Someone learned to use the potty, he did it fast and it was easy....
Zan started speech therapy, to help others know what he is saying....but I am a great translator.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Zandey-Bear!

 Zander had a great third birthday, he has waited so long for this day to come (mostly crying and protesting ANY other birthday). 
He started his day with birthday "bagels" (we know them as donuts).

He opened lots of fun presents (thanks everyone)

When we got to Keely's for birthday party fun, he was greeted by Uncle Matt and a ride on the lawnmower (his favorite)
He got a Buzz cake from Gaco!! She spoils him (big time).

Zander LOVES I made some chocolate ones for the whole family! (he wouldn't participate in the family photo)

He cried when we sang happy birthday...who knew we were that bad?!?

Things are always better with Gaco!

After a hard day of playing, nothing like getting into your new Buzz PJ's and sleeping with your new Buzz action figure.