Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Zandey-Bear!

 Zander had a great third birthday, he has waited so long for this day to come (mostly crying and protesting ANY other birthday). 
He started his day with birthday "bagels" (we know them as donuts).

He opened lots of fun presents (thanks everyone)

When we got to Keely's for birthday party fun, he was greeted by Uncle Matt and a ride on the lawnmower (his favorite)
He got a Buzz cake from Gaco!! She spoils him (big time).

Zander LOVES I made some chocolate ones for the whole family! (he wouldn't participate in the family photo)

He cried when we sang happy birthday...who knew we were that bad?!?

Things are always better with Gaco!

After a hard day of playing, nothing like getting into your new Buzz PJ's and sleeping with your new Buzz action figure.


Ashley Gower said...

Paisley started singing, "Happy Birthday Zander," when she saw the pictures. I love that he's wearing Buzz PJs and opening a present of what looks like Buzz PJs. Happy Birthday to Zander!

Grandpa Mike said...

I don't think any of us sing badly, he's just sentimental about birthdays.