Sunday, November 18, 2007

Can you raise your eyebrows?

Ayda does the funniest thing, if you ask her to raise her eyebrows or if she sees Travis or I doing it she tries so hard...right now all she can do is open and close her eyes!


Deja Marie said...

Oh, she's so adoreable! I can see she has a whole lot personality...just like her mommy and daddy!

Venna Jean said...

This Great-Grandma is soooo
thrilled with your new adventure.
I don't know how to blog but I really think it is easier to see those pictures this way. That doll
Ayda is soooo much the star of the show !!!

Venna Jean said...

Great Grandma Gower even heard the talk just now.We went out to Marta's for dinner after I sent her your blog spot and she played it for us. Good work !!!!

The Holmes Clan said...

Can I take her please! She is so much fun! Jas. wants to switch girls.. he can't wait for Finni to interact with him like that! side note.... Finn slept 10 hours last night!! Horray!