Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas with Papa's family

Well, it was a quick trip back east to see Travis' parents. We got to the airport really early Saturday because we had heard so much about holiday travel, delays etc...the only problem with being there three hours early is a delay is inevitable...We were scheduled to take off at 6:45 pm, getting us into Chicago by midnight. We didn't leave until after 8 getting us in to Chicago well after midnight. As the pictures show Ayda took a good nap on the plane. And also if you hadn't heard, a long day of travel is hard on one's hair. This is the first Christmas in a long time that all of Travis' siblings have been home. We made an attempt at taking a family picture, Ayda was not in the mood to cooperate.
We did most of the Christmas festivities on the 24th, because Travis and I flew home early Christmas morning. We had a nice family home evening (a Gower tradition), and Ayda opened presents from Travis' family. She got a great looking Strawberry Shortcake laptop from her Mocha and Manka (grandpa and grandma) A couple of great puzzles, a phone that can record her voice. Travis' parents donated to the Nika and Travis need a cruise fund (can't wait for that Jason and Lindsey). It was a good trip, just seemed to have a lot packed into a couple of days.

If you haven't heard Ayda is quite the Betty Crocker, she made cinnamon rolls with her Gaco in Oregon and she frosted some sugar cookies with the best of them in Indiana. Pam helped her and then Ayda took it away...it didn't take long for her to figure out that the frosting is where it is at. She started sucking it off the knife and when we decided that wasn't the safest game she got a spoon. Yeah, she added a little frosting to the cookies but for the most part she ate a bowl of frosting.

After the sugar hit her veins she was off...she danced and played and didn't go to sleep until close to midnight. But when she did go to sleep she crashed hard, she was out before I could turn of the bedroom lights.
Then we were back on the plane heading back toward Salt Lake City. I never considered SLC warm this time of year, but it is in comparrison to Chicago.



Looks like they found the way to Ayda's heart!! Frosting... mine too! Aside from the airport mess, sounds like you all had a great time being together! I love the donation they made to the cruise fund. Glad you are back! See you soon!

Aunt Marta said...

Looks like you had a whirlwind holdiay, and like Pam got her cookie time with her Cookie. How fun that everyone was able to be there. Hope that your family has a wonderful new year.