Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

We went down for a fun filled night at Lindsey's sisters house in Spanish Fork. There was so much to do down there and lots of kids for Ayda to play with. There was karaoke, note that Ayda uses both mics. Dance dance revolution, I lacked all sorts of goodness on this one, I have no rhythm. Guitar hero, Lindsey and I played this one together, she always got "player one rocked" I got nothing. It was so much fun, we got home about 1:30, Ayda finally went to sleep and we didn't wake up til almost 10. Happy 2008!



Has anyone seen the pimp in blue? (can I write pimp on your blog?) Edit if you must! I love the new blog wallpaper. You need to teach me how to freshen mine up! Add that to the Felicity reruns day!

Mitch & Amy said...

My favorite of all the pictures is Ayda with both mics! That girl is going to be a super star!

Christy said...

i am all sorts of jealous :) i LOVE guitar hero!! We can't justify the purchase yet - so we live vicariously through those that have it...did someone say Felicity?? :)