Thursday, January 10, 2008

What can we find in Ayda's pj's?

Now, the answers to that question are many but I have one specific answer. One night Travis and I were watching a little TV and Ayda comes out from her toy corner and her pj's were stuffed with balls...yes balls. Tennis balls, ping pong balls, little footballs and baseballs. She had unzipped her jammies and placed her bouncy balls in and zipped up. It was hilarious, every step she took you could hear rattling from some of the little toy balls. When I unzipped her pj's not only did I find all those balls but I found puzzle pieces too. That's right she had about the whole alphabet, fish and all kinds of wild animal puzzle pieces stuffed in her jammies. She is crazy!


Mitch & Amy said...

Man I miss footed jammies! You could hide so much more in there knowing it wasn't going to just fall out the bottom.
Ayda looks so cute in that picture like, "what mom, stop looking at me like that, everyone is stuffing their jammies now days... keep up!"


At her age, no girl wants to risk going to bed without any toys! she's a smarty! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! String cheese and DRB are all on hand!! Im still tyring to get my hands on the Von's water... because as you know; "I only drink Von's water!"

Deja Marie said...

Ayda is so innovative! Pajama's are not as over-rated as I once thought. Oh yeah, I gues craziness is genetic huh!?! I always wondered but now I know! :)