Thursday, February 14, 2008

I feel pretty

There is nothing like a fresh coat of toenail polish to make a girl feel pretty. I painted Ayda's toenails last night, here are a couple pictures of her admiring the nice job I did.


Mitch & Amy said...

Ok, so I'm terribly sad for the pain you're in, and the trauma you had to go through, but I'm not going to lie... I'm loving that you're getting more time to blog! I can never have enough updates of cute Ayda!
Hope you're feeling better everyday!
Love you!

Venna Jean said...

This Great-grandma Gower can see that Ayda is watched & recorded a bunch and it is wonderful to see. When you can come to the computer & see + hear that doll it is soooo
special. Love you S.L. City Gowers
We are glad to hear that you are recovering & it is a blessing to have so many special friends close to help at this time. LOVE YOU