Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ayda's fun while we were on our cruise

My mom was nice enough to take Ayda while Travis and I were on our cruise (thanks again mom). Gaco wanted Ayda to have lots of things to do, you know to keep her busy. One day they went to build a bear. For those of you who haven't been there, you are lucky! I am glad my mom went with her, Ayda picked a bunny and she says "I love you." She also picked a really cute outfit, a little pink shirt that says, fabulous and a little denim skirt. She had a blast. They also took a trip to the apple farm, Keely and Beck went on this outing with them. Ayda and Beck had a blast jumping in the giant apple bounce house. Ayda played a lot with her cousins and spent a lot of time being my mom's shadow. Now that we are back, she always tells me she wants to go home to Gaco's house and asked often when we are going back on the boat so she can go to Gaco's to sleep. It was nice to have a break but it was also really nice to come home to our sweet baby girl.


jakenapril said...

how fun for ayda...and gaco! and grandma's house is always the best because grandma can spoil them and mom and dad don't. but it's all good. i love that my kids love grandma's house and i'm sure ayda is the same...hooray!

jakenapril said...
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Happy Holmes said...

I miss that little girl. It has been too long.

I want to go to Gaco's too!
Let's just re-examine my list of to-do's when I get there:

1. have her make cinnamon rolls
2. a nice hearty dose of her potato salad
3. build a bear
4. slumber in her sleep number bed. I'm guessing I will be a 20.
5. Have her scare me with her yard onraments.. was that a turtle?
6. Head to Subway on her Nordstrom card.

Krachel said...

nice to come home... but does it make you sad that now your little girl would rather sleep at her Grandma's house? :)