Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're back!

We got back from our cruise to Mexico on Sunday. It was so much fun, I loved the cruising experience and can't wait for my next one. So I am going to give the highlights of our trip and add a few pictures (I think we took over 500). I will try not to bore anyone with ALL the details. We met Lindsey and Jason at the Long Beach airport, took a cab over to the pier and waited in a really long line to get into the boat. Once we finally got on, we had lunch and then got settled in our rooms and did a little exploring. We sailed all day Monday and Tuesday, those days were spent in the sun, reading, playing cards, and just relaxing.
On the cruise the staff represented 57 countries and would you believe, our waiters for dinner were from the PI (Philippines)! We were so excited and we were able to use a little Tagalog with them.
We got into Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday morning, got off the boat and had to try to figure out what we wanted to do. We decided on an ATV tour through the city, but mostly, the country. I was a chicken so I rode with Travis. Our tour guide Pancho was good to show us so much, we went out into the country and we drove by an elementary school and all the little kids ran up to the fence and smiled and waived at us. We only almost got hit once and Jason only bumped the tour guide once. The tour ended at the Tequila factory! Maybe they were a little disappointed when we said we didn't drink. When that was all said and done we were all so dirty so we got back on the boat showered and got back off to go into the city. While walking around one shop employee said to us as we walked by, "Are you Mormons?" we said, "yes" and he said, "I knew it, you have on too much clothes and you aren't drunk and it is already 5:30." He was baptized when he was 12 and said he can pick out all the Mormons.
On Thursday we went to Mazatlan and did a city tour, we went to the old area and the new area and then Travis and Jason took a stab at parasailing. They both seemed to enjoy themselves. We did a little more shopping and exploring before heading the to boat.
On Friday we went to Cabo San Lucas, took a water taxi on a tour and out to a couple different beaches. The boat had glass bottom panels and the water was so clear. We could see to the bottom of the ocean, it was amazing. We went snorkeling and I LOVED it. I really want to learn to scuba dive now. Travis, on the other hand, confirmed his phobia of fish and too much water.
Then on Saturday we sailed all day and we went home Sunday. It was nice to see Ayda again, when we walked out from the gate she saw us and took off running to us. I thought she would be glued to my mom's side. But she hugged us and kissed us and then wanted her Gaco. We can't thank my mom enough for taking her for the week, she is A LOT of work and it was nice to have a break. Now it is back to reality. I will do another post of what Ayda and my mom did the week we were gone. I also will post on an exciting change to our house!!


Kathie Gwilliam said...

Looks like so much fun. Jim and I want to take a cruise when he graduates.
And I loved that the guy new you were Mormon because you had too many clothes on and weren't drunk. Too funny!

Deja Marie said...

I LOVE CRUISES! I am so glad you guys got to escape for a bit and just enjoy yourselves. Snorkling in my most favorite past time! :) It is so relaxing and just amazin! I bet you guys were a riot on the boat...I can only imagine! :) I love you guys and can't wait to here about the CHANGE! What!?! My mind is reeling...

Mike said...

Travis parasailing, never thought I'd see that.

Smolkaville said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. I'm so ready to go on another cruise! I too love to snorkle, but don't think I'm brave enough to scuba. Tim loves to scuba, but I think I'll stick with Travis on the parasailing. Tell him that the next step is sky diving. :)