Friday, January 2, 2009


Travis bought me a new camera for Christmas, it is a lot fancier than what I am used to. I have been attempting some pictures but haven't been able to figure out any setting other than "auto". Ayda is my subject always! Sometimes, she isn't happy about it.

(above) she looks so bored with me!

(above) look at all her fly aways!

(above) she loves money in her bank

(above) good book on a rainy day!


Smolkaville said...

That's how I am with my new camera. I know the basic functions and the video mode and that's about it. Love the pics!

grammy said...

I think the good book in bed sounds fantastic!

Mike said...

Looks like you're able to capture the many moods of Ayda quite well...and of course her infinite cuteness too!