Sunday, January 4, 2009

Zoo Lights

We went to Zoo Lights last night, really all we did was ride the train and tried really hard not to freeze!!


Christy said...

just remember when you are "freezing" there in your friends in Logan would thaw out there :)

I love the pictures of Ayda - she is SO fun!

Lynette said...

i look forward to reading the little comments that you leave me on my blogs, so i should return the favor regarding the pictures that were taken on new years. we actually got a close up of kuya mel, kuya jon & i, but kuya mel said that his face was fat, so we resorted to a body shot. miss you! tell cute little ayda i say hi!

grammy said...

Remember the zoo lights in Arizona? The coldest Christmas on record for like....60 years and we were out with all of the grandbabies bundled up pretending to have fun. Arizona's zoo isn't nearly as nice as Portland's zoo, though