Tuesday, March 31, 2009

drama, drama, drama

After my post about my washer breaking I had several people call, text, email to inquire about the status of my mental health...I guess I sounded like I was on the verge of a break down. I assure everyone I am fine.

But, I do have to do an update on the happenings at our house. We are still without a washer... yes, you read that correctly, still NO washer. The first repairman came out (Mar 20th) and diagnosed the problem came back with the part, spent well over an hour before he came down the stairs and announced he was given the wrong part. He said he would order the right one on Monday(the 23rd) and give us a call. Monday came and went...no call. I did however attempt to get a hold of him because I was curious what kind of progress was being made. Tuesday same thing, no calls from said repairman. I left several messages, each one less and less kind. Finally late Tuesday(24th) he called and said he had an emergency and he wouldn't be back to finish the job...I said, "ever"? He said, nope, you should find someone else. I was shocked. I didn't really know what to think. But I got back on the phone and found another repairman, I explained what had happened and he said he would be glad to help me out. He came out on Wednesday (25th) said he would look for the broken timer, he tracked one down in California and said he could have it by Friday (27th) and it would be an easy fix. I think he should have saved his words. Friday came and he called and asked me to read him the model number on the timer, so I did. He said they sent him the wrong part. (In my mind I was thinking what, the wrong part again. Maybe the part for my relatively new washer no longer exists...) He called the store in Cali and they said they would express him the part and he should have it Monday(30th) morning. Monday came and if you can guess...the part was delivered but not to my repairman. They think it was a mis-delivery so they were attempting to find the missing package with my missing timer. Now it is Tuesday (31st) he was hoping to have it all resolved today but I will be honest, I am not that hopeful. That is the drama of the washer. I will say it again, thanks Mom for letting us take over your laundry room and keep up with wash so everyone has clean unders to wear :).

People also inquired as to Ayda and her health. Well, she was good, finally got over that yucky sounding cough and was sleeping really well (which isn't that common). Until...Sunday night. It was bedtime and she was rolling around on my bed and she sat up and said her ear was hurting. I thought she hit it or something. I dismissed it and off to bed she went. About 45 minutes later she was awake and crying. Travis went in and walked with her, tried to comfort her but she was not in the mood to be comforted. She came in and I rocked her for awhile but she just kept saying, "ouchie, ouchie, ouchie...I need my Gaco." She finally said her ear was hurting and I thought this isn't good. We had some organic ear drops that are for earaches, we dropped those in her ear and if you could have guessed, she was NOT happy about that choice. We also gave her some Motrin and off to bed she went. It was a L-O-N-G night. By 5am she was burning up (102.5). The only request she had through the night was, "bring me my Gaco." At some point in the 5 o'clock hour we texted my mom, this satisfied Ayda's need for Gaco. I called the doctor at 7a and made an appointment. Ayda did talk to her Gaco, who told her just to rest her body and that would help her...she got off the phone and rolled over and went to sleep. (Really Ayda, isn't that what we had been saying all night?!?). The doctor found ear infections in BOTH ears, and her right eardrum had started to rupture. So, we are back on antibiotics and we have added ear drops to the mix.Really, I am not complaining. I am glad we got her into the doctor, she slept a lot better last night. She isn't thrilled about the medicine but she is taking it.

Meanwhile, baby is good. He remains unaffected. Snug as a bug in a rug, on Friday we will be 6 SHORT weeks away!!

BREAKING NEWS!!! 9:42am the repairman called, he has my timer, he will be here to fix my washer this afternoon!!

(disclaimer: Ayda is a healthy child, she had only been to the doctor once (for illness) in 2 years of living in Utah...maybe Oregon isn't good for her health...)


Happy Holmes said...

must be a sign that you need to move back... no washer ever went out on you in the UT, and Ayda was a healthy gal!!

When can we expect you here?

Glad baby is doing well and hopefully you are back on track to clean clothes and a healthy soon-to-be 3 year old!!

Amy said...

I'm with your other friend! Life was much less hectic for you here. Better head back.
Again, you're very motivated... I would just let the laundry pile up, then make the repairman do it all once he fixed the washer. That's just me though :)
Sorry Ayda is having a rough little go. Sick kids are hard. No one ever tells you that before you have them. :)
Miss you, love you!

Jessie said...

I agree. For the sake of Ayda's health, you should move back to Utah.

I hope Ayda gets better (and stays that way) soon. I've already got her birthday gift all planned out.

Love you all, and I can't wait until my little nephew is born.

Endre said...

This is the bossy oldest sister speaking- no moving back to Utah. Imagine the Gaco separation anxiety - it's just not worth it. Just blame the sickness on the nursery like everyone else and let her watch pointless tv all day... and stay away from my kids :)

Carly and Todd said...

Okay, I think that is adorable how much she loves her Gaco! I bet your mom loves that! Poor Ayda though. Man, I hear those double ear infections can really sneak up on you. I hope sweet little Ayda is back to her cheery self soon and I hope the repairman really does come and fix that dang washer today! I'm sure you are still doubtful after all the mess you've been through with that. How frustrating. Missin' you lots.

Janessa Couch said...

Well, if the repair man does not have the part, let me know. Mitchell knows of a place downtown with TONS of parts, like two city blocks worth in a warehouse. They would have your part. :) Sorry about that. Being without a washer really stinks!

grammy said...

Remember when Ayda said "this house is good for me?" If you moved back to UT, Gaco's house couldn't be there to be good for her!! Just remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.....

Heather C. said...

Oh my LANTA, I'm so sorry about your washer and Ayda's ears. Hope everything calms down for you now.

Deja Marie said...

What do your relatives know!?! Trust us Utahns...we know what we're talking about. Actually, speaking of that, I'm quite offended that as soon as I come back to Utah, poof, you move to Oregan! Coincidence, I don't think so!?! Now, look how many of us you've upset!

P.S. Yeah for Ayda getting better and Yeah for Baby G!

Smolkaville said...

It's no fun when the little ones are sick. This has been a bad winter for us, I think all 3 of us have caught every bug/flu there was this season...yuck! I haven't checked blogs for a while, I didn't know you're washer broke. What a pain! Mine actually started leaking water last month so I thought it was broken. Luckily something had just wiggled loose and needed to be re-fastneed, thank goodness. It's hard not being without your own washer though, I totally understand!

Rhoda88 said...

That's funny.
Since we got here in GA, JK is been sick a lot. Pretty much due to coughing. He will get sick twice or once a month. He was fine when we were still in CA and I had never brought him to a doctor only when it was time for immunizations. I was wondering also that GA is not a good place for JK. I was convincing my husband to move to UT but he does not like the place.