Saturday, April 11, 2009

We are going to do what with our eggies?

That is the question Ayda kept asking as the great egg decorating day approached. This was Ayda's first time decorating eggs (I know what took so long). I thought having 10 kids (Endre's and Keely's) under nine years old, all coloring eggs would be pure chaos, but it wasn't at all. We had all the kids put on their "work shirts" (thanks Keely) and then the kids got six eggs to decorate and for the most part they just did the task at hand. Ayda was in heaven, she gave me a couple looks like, are you sure I am okay to be painting on these eggs. Her six eggs turned out so cute!! Here are some shots of her hard at work.

(this one tried to get away)

(steady hand--watch out Bob Ross)

(I hope this paint comes off)

(two colors are better than one)

(finished product)


grammy said...

Lots of egg salad sandwiches....

Janessa Couch said...

We just decorated our eggs then immediately made deviled eggs. I felt kinda bad that we worked so hard on them, then ate them, but they were sooooo good. Have a wonderful Easter!

Amy Jo said...

How fun!!!! I am so suprised (and happy for you) that it wasn't chaos =) I only wish I lived closer and had kids so I could join in the fun!

Smolkaville said...

I love the pic Ayda showcasing her eggs.