Saturday, September 19, 2009

Idaho or bust!

Now you may be asking why Idaho well allow me to tell you. It is kind of the half way point between where we live and where Lindsey and her family live. We have been planning this trip for awhile now, both of us had babies within the last few months so we wanted to make sure the boys were old enough for the drive. We stayed at a somewhat ghetto hotel but the best part was our two rooms were adjoining. So we opened the door and Finlee and Ayda could roam between the two rooms. We went to the Boise Zoo (yes, they have a zoo) and we went to a children's museum. The kids had a blast, the adults did too and Mason and Z pretty much slept through it all. We can't wait for the next trip!

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grammy said...

What great pictures. The ear things are a little scary....It is so good that you are taking trips and making memories with the kids and your friends. Go #23

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

What a fun trip...I LOVE Idaho so that does not seem weird you went there:) Zander is getting so big, what a cute family.

Happy Holmes said...

Lets go back. It wasn't long enough. We are missing you all very much.

I loved watching the girls play together! Ayda is so well mannered. I hope some of that rubs off on the Fin!

Can't wait to meet up again! Boise of bust!!


LeAnn and Dallas said...

We have been hearing about all the fun you had. I am so happy you are all able to keep your friendship so close and now your kiddos will all be great friends as well. :)

Boise is a fun place to visit!