Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas fun

We had a great Christmas! The Monday before Christmas we did a nativity FHE and Z was a sheep (Endre made his costume) Ayda was slated to be Mary but was grouchy so instead she just sat with Gaco. Christmas morning didn't start early (Ayda isn't there yet) and when she saw what Santa brought she was more interested in helping Zander with his new toys. The kids had fun opening presents and in Zander's case eating wrapping paper. We finished the day at Gaco's for a very nice dinner and presents from Gaco and cousins. We hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Amy said...

The kids look so happy!! What a great Christmas! I love the sheep costume, doesn't get any better than that :)
Happy New Year

Marta said...

Zander is a great looking sheep, and I can totally feel Ayda's grouchiness, Christmas can make a girl very tired. Looks like you had fun and those kids are so darn cute that it is fun!!!

Happy Holmes said...

I am having a hard time deciding which hat I like best! The lamb on Z is pretty hard to beat!

Glad you had a great Christmas! We miss you.

aabrownfamily said...

Cute pictures. I especially love the one you have of Zander on the side with his tie and no shirt. Sooo cute.

Melissa + Brett said...

I LOVE THE SHEEP COSTUME! That is adorable!