Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more is better

We have a tradition near Christmas, ginger bread houses at Gaco's house. It is a candy filled night followed by a sleepover. It is highly anticipated and talked about over and over until it happens. Ayda, Beck and Hurley had a great time. One pattern we notice is that no one can have too much candy on their house. This was very true with Ayda, she just kept stacking on the candy. Yummy. (side note: the picture of Ayda with my mom, her house wasn't done...trust me when it was there was no ginger bread showing.)


Amy said...

They don't call it a gingerbread house because you are supposed to see gingerbread. :)
It's just the base to something wonderful... sweet, delicious, and wonderful!!
Go Ayda!!

Amy Jo said...

Oh how I love this post! How fun!

grammy said...

First...I love the picture of the week. I have often asked myself that same question;no sense relying on a mirror. The houses were fantastic and they get more candy laden with each year!

Smolkaville said...

What a fun tradition!