Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is new with us

Ayda: Loves when we get a break from the rain so she can play outside. Loves riding her new scooter (and isn't falling off as much.) Loves making Z laugh, still drawing and coloring all the time.
Z: Standing all the time, walking along furniture and walls (and is getting very good at it.) Loves to try real food (refuses ALL baby food) his favorites are mango, avocado, and sweet potatoes. Loves to be entertained by Ayda.


Grandpa Mike said...

Love that last picture. Hands off my princess dolls! :-)

Amy said...

How fun are they?! I think I got a mystery phone call from Ayda yesterday :) or I guess it could have been Z?
Cutest kids!!! Fun update.

Jessie said...

I love the spinning picture of Ayda — need to make sure that dress puffs up properly. They're just so cute and growing up way too fast!

Happy Holmes said...

I am drooling over Ayda's dress! So cute! Nice to hear she is steady on the scooter!

Are you sure Zander is doing all of that? I don't believe it. I better come out and see for myself! That little man is very advanced! Mason is looking more and more lazy by the minute!

grammy said...

I guess Zander needs his very own princess collection! So sweet and the twirling dress is spectacular!