Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The best thing ever

For Zander the answer to that is..... balloons. Here is his GIANT 1 balloon from his birthday. It looks like new even after a couple of weeks. This one is for you Mom, Zander thanks you.


Janessa Couch said...

We got a smaller mylar balloon when Lindsay turned 5 that we still have laying around somewhere. Somehow some stay in the air forever and others lose it fast. That is a pretty fun toy!

grammy said...

Only the best for my grandkids!

Amber & Jason said...

Balloons are a ton of fun for the little guys and drive moms nuts. Especially when they start fighting over them or wacking each other with them. Your kids are probably really good though! By the way, I absolutely love your pic of the week! That's classic!