Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Papa's Day

This year Ayda put here creativity to the test and made her Papa and Uncle Grandpa Mike very nice ties for church. That's right, homemade tie complete with feathers, googly eyes and gems. Oh, they are nice! After people see the tie at church Ayda may need to start her own business. Happy Papa's Day!

The best way to tell the two ties apart, Travis' has a "P" at the bottom for Papa, Mike's just has more and more eyes!


grammy said...

The ties are fabulous and should be worn with pride:).

JG said...

Believe me, grandpa wore it with pride. But there was a little disappointment that day — he had no stake meetings that night. He was ready to show off his granddaughters handiwork to the stake presidency.

Marta said...

I believe that extra eyes on Uncle/Grandpa Mike is an extra good idea.