Friday, July 23, 2010

popeye's cousin

Zander has been having a few issues regarding his hemophilia, nothing that can't and isn't being addressed but issues none the less. He had a picc line put in yesterday (you can read all about that excitement on our hemophilia blog). A picc line is a way to give medicine without having to find a vein to access every time, it can stay in for several months. Also, here is one picture of a really impressive bruise he has on his arm.


Janessa Couch said...

Wow! I used to work at Bard where they make PICC lines. I hope that it helps him, the sweet little thing.

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

Poor little guys. I am very familiar with PICC lines and they are no fun for moms or kids.What a tough little guy.

Happy Holmes said...

That just made my heart stop a little bit. I don't know what I was expecting, but that bruise is insane.

Glad all is going well and you are home from the hospital now. We love you all.


Smolkaville said...

Oh my goodness! Poor little guy.