Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday date

Ayda and Gaco had there annual birthday date. This year Ayda was having a hard time coming up with an idea so my mom told her she would come up with something. Ayda had the traditional sleepover, you know the one where she sleeps a lot longer and a lot more sound that she ever does at home. Then they went to the CeramiCafe to paint. My mom is a genius, taking Ayda a place to paint is the perfect place for my little Picasso. She chose a mug with a butterfly half on the mug and the other half is the handle of the mug. When they finished painting they went and got a mani/pedi. It was a perfect date. She can't wait until they can go pick up their creations. And as tradition goes, she is talking about what they might do next year. Thanks Gaco for being so fantastic and making great memories with my kids.

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Marta said...

what a lovely idea, a birthday date, I hope Gaco won't mind me borrowing that idea for my little boys!