Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look who's two?!?!

Zander had a good birthday (as far as I can tell). We started with regular prophy, followed by opening some presents (thanks Grandma Pam and Grandpa Mike and Scott, Ashley and Paisley). Travis took the day off which was a surprise for us. When Ayda got home from school Zander opened gifts from us and then we had dinner, homemade mac-weeez (his request). Zander has been practicing blowing out candles (every time I light one to make my house smell nice along he comes and blows it out). He blew out his two candles on his cupcakes and proceeded to poke and eat the frosting but left the cupcake (a sad, crumbled mess.) Zander got lots of birthday calls and songs and he will have his birthday party at Gaco's on Monday (that is where he will get a "real cake" not just sad cupcakes). It was a great day. I can't believe he is two. He is growing up way too fast, I hope he still has a few more years of Zandeee-bears left in him. Love you little man!!


Janessa Couch said...

He is a cute little man. :)

grammy said...

Sweet pictures. I love his new shades!!!