Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zander's 2 year pictures

One of the nice thing about having my sister, Keely take my kids pictures, is when we are done, she still loves my kids even if they are PUNKS! Zander was not in the mood to cooperate today. For weeks, I have been asking him to show me his smile that he will give to auntie and he would flash this cute little smile. Today, he mostly ran away, refused to look, and we got a lot of closed eyes smiles...Looking at all the shots she took we ended up with some keepers. So, thank you Keely for still loving Zander despite his uncooperative nature!!


Bungalow Bakery said...

he's not a punk- you are- not him- you -you

Miss Deja said...

He's dang cute though!