Saturday, February 23, 2008

Balloon obsession

Ayda's new favorite toy!


Smolkaville said...

Carsey LOVES balloons also, too bad they don't last very long, that's hours of entertainment right there. I don't think the new template is too busy at all. Looks great as usual!

Ryan said...

Nika, thanks for giving me the address to your blog! It's so fun to see what other friends are going through with their children. Ayda is cute. Tyler usually goes for the Latinas, but I'm sure we can arrange a date in about sixteen years.

Shawn & Heather Allred said...

Hey Nika this is Lindsey's sister. I was sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope you are feeling better. Ayda is so cute!


Kika... We love you! So glad Finn and I were able to spend the day with you and Ayda. You are doing too much, so if you are not sitting on the couch as you read this... then get there! Stop cleaning, you crazy lady and REST REST REST!!

Q: "Will Nika's insides be lopsided forever?"

Shake, Shake, Shake,

A: It is decidedly so!

Heather said...

Ecker! Is that really you? I found your blog on Condie's blog. Your daughter is gorgeous! My blog is

Sounds like you've had surgery lately, I'm so sorry, hope your doing better now.

(aka Sis. Thomas)

Heather said...
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Heather said...

let me try that again:

Mariel said...

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