Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun with Friends

Cheyenne came to babysit me because Travis had to leave for a couple hours. Carson came along and he and Ayda had a good time together. They colored, kind of watched a movie, played bubbles and then took a bath together. I think Ayda offended Carson in the bathtub because Ayda is a splasher and Carson seemed a little more reserved. Now all I hear about is "Carkin."



I would like some bubbles please! Looks like the play date was a success! I'm pretty sure those bathtime pics could come back to haunt your little ones! AH... the power we parents have! What if they got married!!

Carly and Todd said...

Oh, you make me miss you guys so much. I just wish Zach was a few years older. Those bathtub pics are hilarious. I love Ayda's hair. Hope you are feeling a little better each day

Smolkaville said...

These are good times right here. Carson was acting so reserved in the bathtub too, which is very unlike him. I think he was sleepy. :) We'll have to get together again soon.