Thursday, July 3, 2008

Big News!!

For the last several days Ayda has been telling me she needs to go potty, but when she sits on the potty she uses up a lot of toilet paper and never really goes. But today, she said she had to go, and she told me, "no see mama" so walked out of the bathroom and she went pee!!! Yeah Ayda. We made a really big deal out of it and then not to much later she said she had to go potty, Travis put her on the toilet and she had already gone poop in her diaper, but she went more in the toilet. One time she said she had to go and I thought, there is no way, you just went, and she wet in her I guess I should listen. I doubt she is ready to fully potty train but we are making progress. She has all the essentials, cute panties (yep the really thick ones) a treat for after she goes and I was thinking about letting her do a sticker chart...If anyone has other helpful hints we will gladly take and try them.


Jeff and Alyssa said...

Way to go! The sooner the better for all involved!:) One helpful hint that we had a behaviorist teach us was, we had did our sticker chart in a big circle with divided spaces like a game board that they got to put stickers on each "space" each time they went. And every so often there was a smiley face and when they hit one of those they got a treat. I drew them really often at the beginning and then farther apart the farther on they got. That way they don't just go til they earn their treat or big toy if that's what you decide as they don't know when it began and when it ends. You have to be sneaky though and once they get a lot of stickers on the chart start pulling some off from where you started so they keep going and working. Oh, and let her tell everyone and their dog about if she wants to. We hope our girl is easier than our boys were! Good luck and good job!

Nika Travis & Ayda said...

Thanks, good idea about the game chart!! I will do that for sure.