Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family, fireworks and fun!

We all met for a nice family dinner at Endre's house. Later in the evening (after being asked several times by each child throughout dinner) Matt, Travis and Derek did a nice fireworks show. Filled mostly with things that smoked -- not a lot that made noises because some of the younger kids are scared...we saw Hurley take off running more than once last night. After fireworks all the kids were in a circle going round and round singing Johnny Cash' "ring of fire." (no one knows why they know it...) We played a riveting game of freeze tag and we attempted wheel barrow racing...some were better than others (for the record I was really bad.) It is nice to be so close to so much of my family. Ayda always has a good time when she is with her Gaco and cousins.

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Smolkaville said...

Cute pics. Carson loves those pop its as well.