Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aloha and welcome home!

I know this is Ayda's adventures but I would like to share one of my own. I just got back from a fun vacation to Hawaii, I went with my mom and sisters. No husbands and almost no kids (Keely brought Maisy...she is so good it was like having NO kids). We stayed at a house in Princeville on the island of Kauai.
We went to a luau one night, we spent time on the beach, we flew over to Honolulu and went to the Hawaii temple and the Polynesian Cultural Center. We learned that in Hawaii everything is a lot more laid back. For example, we went into a little restaurant and the waitress asked a couple to move because there was five of us and only two of them. At that same restaurant there was a cat sitting on a chair at the next table, taking in the morning sun and the ocean breeze while bathing itself. When the cat was done bathing he got up and went to the kitchen...who knows maybe he needed a snack. We went to another restaurant near the temple and when we walked in we were told to seat ourselves and that if we wanted water it was over there (the waitress was serve yourself.)
The beaches were beautiful and we had a great time in the water and watching Maisy eat sand...we aren't sure who took more sand from the beach, us with sand in our swim suits or Maisy with sand on her face and in her mouth.
For those of you who like people watching Hawaii is the place for you. On the plane on the way over the man behind Endre who looked like a jungle cat kept peering around her shoulder to watch her movie. We started calling him a "lioness" and little did we know we would fine many of those in Hawaii, it was like there was a convention in town. We saw another man in the airport that had the worst toupee and kind of looked like an AsianWayne Newton. We had a man at the luau who kept moving his seat around so we couldn't see, he had lioness hair too. Oh, let us not forget we had the three generations of speedo grace us with their presence, what a treat.
There are a couple things I was happy to leave behind...looking up and seeing geckos on the walls of the house (inside) and gas that cost 4.74 a gallon.
There are too many great memories to mention and I have a million pictures so I will try to narrow those down and get them posted.


Lind Family said...

Sounds like a lot of fun ... except for the geckos part, oh and the speedo part! ;o)

Madsens said...

man i am totally jealous! i love hawaii! i think i remember that restaurant by the yourself and get your own water - i loved it :) Your picture made me miss it so much!

Glad you had fun and were able to bring some of that Aloha spirit home with you!!


Don't worry.. my lips are sealed in regards to the island boy you brought home!

That sounds like a dream vacation. And with sisters and EZD... you just can't go wrong.

Glad you all had such a good time. Now let me pick up my drool off the floor. I am tainted with jealousy!

Cristina said...

What a great vacation!!!! I can't imagine to go on a vacation with your mom and sisters that sounds so much fun:) I am looking forward to the pictures!! The more pictures the better for us.

Smolkaville said...

Welcome back. Isn't Hawaii so much fun?! Ever since we went, I've wanted to go back. We didn't make it to the Polynesian Cultural Center while we were there or the Temple. Sky diving took all morning and then we had to make sure we'd make our flight back to Maui that night. We didn't plan very well before we left. We've learned our lesson though. Oh and you'll never believe who has a blog now...Sarah! I talked to her this week. You can get her link from my blog. :)

Carly and Todd said...

No wonder it has been forever since you have posted on your blog! You were in stinkin' Hawaii! What a dream vacation. How fun to get away like that with all the girls!

Matt and Krachel said...

I know this latest post was all about your Hawaii trip but I must say again... I can't believe how big Ayda is!

I went to Hawaii 10 years ago this summer and the one memory that sticks out in my mind more than anything else was the shock of seeing gas prices so high... $1.55 a gallon! I remember thinking how horrible that was! Funny, huh?

LeBaron Family said...

Nika, that looks like so much fun. Maybe Dale will spring for me and my sisters and mom... highly unlikely! That house looks gorgeous. Maybe Denise should buy it as a winter home and then we can all enjoy it. Just a suggestion! he he he! It is good to see your sisters again. Keeley's little girl is soooo cute! Is that her 4th or 5th? I have a sand eater too. Love Sarah