Tuesday, November 24, 2009

yummy solids

Z will be six months old this week and because of his demanding personality I decided to give him some rice cereal. Keep in mind Ayda didn't try solids until she was almost eight months old. But Z has a keen interest in all things food (is that a bad sign) so I thought we would give it a try. Well, he ate it and with each bite he would swallow and make this disgusted face, maybe trying to figure out why he has been trying so hard to sneak bites of food. I will post with his six month stats after his appointment.
(the one smiling picture I think was not because of the food but because his sister was running around crazy.)
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Kathie said...

Too cute! Gavin made similar faces when introduced to cereal. He still won't eat it today.

Amy said...

I love the one on the very top right :) Like don't even bring that near me!
He's getting so big so fast!
We only stayed on rice cereal for a little bit before we jumped into the good stuff. Then they LOVED to eat.

Grandpa Mike said...

Ayda running around crazy, impossible! She's always so sedate.
I love the grins Zander has almost all the time (except for after a swallow of rice cereal). They pose for the camera so well together.

Jessie said...

Even with a grimace he's the cutest little boy ever! But I do prefer the smiles. :)

grammy said...

Who doesn't love rice cereal? mmm,mmm, good. Zander will appreciate it when he is a little older ---say in 20 years.