Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take TWO!

Our first attempt at Zander sleeping in Ayda's room...epic fail. We did get him sleeping out of our bed but slowly but surely he made his way back into our bed...This week we decided we would give it another go. This time we put him in the guest bed (which is bigger than Ayda's bed) and we had Ayda go in and sleep with him. The first night he cried for a few minutes then he slept like a champ. More importantly, he slept through the night and has this whole week in the other room!! Go us. I took a picture the first morning after they slept in the bed, they wake up in crazy spots each morning.


Happy Holmes said...

what are those little stinks doing in my bed, huh?


grammy said...

So glad Zander has found a new place to sleep. Such a cutie!