Friday, July 22, 2011

pretty pretty princess

I never blogged about it (because I am lame) but Ayda got her ears pierced back at the end of May. She has been talking about it for over a year and Travis had the day off so we took her to get it done. She had little reservations about the whole process, despite the teenager getting her ears pierced who couldn't sit still and cried when it was done. We are lucky she didn't scare Ayda off. Ayda picked out a cute little pink pair of flower earrings and held the teddy bear tight. They pierced both at the same time, and when it was done she was shocked. She said they were hot and we asked if she wanted to see them, she said no at first then once she had a sucker safely in her mouth, she took a look.

She was so excited to show them off to everyone, I was instructed to do her hair in a way that would show off her new earrings. I was also in charge of answering the question, "when do we get to change my earrings?" I would tell her between 6 and 8 weeks, it is a long time, we will be well into summer when it is time. At about four weeks out, she and Zander were goofing around and one got pulled out, she was surprisingly calm about the whole incident (and if you know Ayda, that is saying a whole lot). The day finally came, it was a really hard choice to pick which would be her first earrings to change into. She went with the lady bug earrings Auntie Jessica sent her for her birthday and then into a pair of Hello Kitty earrings next. She would change them multiple times a day if I would let her. I remember how much fun it was when I got my ears pierced to get new earrings. I have been doing a little back to school shopping here and there and may have picked out a few new pairs for her.


grammy said...

Getting so big!! Still has the beautiful blue eyes and cute smile.

Janessa Couch said...

How fun! My girls have to be old enough to change them themselves because for some strange reason I want to faint if I do it. Not kidding. She looks so grown up!