Friday, August 5, 2011

summer fun preview

We are having so much fun right now with Awny and her kids being out for a visit. This week all the kids have played so hard, my kids come home from playing at Keely's exhausted and covered in dirt. Ayda has slept better this week than she has her whole life (playing outside for eight hours a day will do that for a you). We have some fun adventures that are coming up (Zadey's baptism, a beach trip) and I will blog about those soon. But here are a couple pictures of the kids playing at Keely's. (Don't you judge me because my child is getting "back to nature", sometimes he wants to be free and at Keely's it is okay because there is no one around to see him...don't worry he didn't get any slivers while playing!


grammy said...

Don't we all wish we could get back to nature? Nothing to bind or make marks on your skin. You go Zander!

Marta said...

he must be related to the Gower family, we did everything, and then had to try it naked to see if it was more fun that way!!!