Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bandon or bust

We just got back from a fun filled week in Bandon, Oregon (on the southern Oregon coast). We stayed in a great house, it was right on the beach. It was all 14 kids (ages 11 to almost 1) and 8 adults. The kids were in cousin heaven. Like I said in my last post Awny and her kids were out and it is so much fun to watch the kids all play together. We made it through the week with very few injuries and unlike our last family vacation we didn't all share some horrible flu bug. With it being the Oregon coast, it is still a bit cooler but it wasn't too bad. The kids seemed to stay warm when it was overcast and we were on the beach everyday. The kids build forts with giant pieces of drift wood they found (Jack and Beck were dragging a giant piece of drift wood down the beach and my mom asked what they were doing and Jack said, "finding sticks"). They climbed on and jumped off huge rocks. Played in the water, catching and playing with whatever sea life they could find. Buried each other in sand and build sand castles. Played football and Frisbee. Ate lots of snacks (whatever the seagulls didn't find) and made great memories.When we weren't at the beach we went on several "outtings" to enjoy the sights around Bandon. One day we went to a wild life park; the kids were able to go into this caged area and feed the deer, llamas, goats, geese, and rams. Avery had a run in with a killer llama (really just a 90 year old arthritic llama) A goat tried to eat Arden's hair, Ayda was having a heart attack the entire time and Zander had a goat jump onto his lap while sitting in his stroller. A good time was had by all :). The kids then got to go in and pet a baby Bengal tiger, that was really cool for the kids (everyone but Naya enjoyed that experience). There were opossums to hold and a de-scented skunk. Then all the regular zoo animals, lions and tigers and a big chimpanzee who spit at the kids (we are lucky he didn't throw his poo...I guess that is what he is known for).
We went and walked along the boardwalk to see downtown Bandon, the kids smashed pennies and picked out souvenirs.

One day we went to a park down the street from our beach house. It was an old school park with complete with a merry-go-round, several teeter-totters, a huge slide. The kids (and adults) had a blast. With all of our kids we scared off half the kids at the park. Zander was on the teeter-totter with Grady and got so confident that he threw up his arms and went flying off, he has cat like reflexes and caught the handle of the teeter-totter, it was awesome (no pictures of that sorry).

We also took the kids crabbing (only a few strong ones remained the entire time). It was a very COLD morning on the day we went, but the kids liked to help pull up nets and see if the crabs were ones they could keep or if they needed to toss them back (males you could keep, females had to go back).

Travis and I agreed usually when you are on vacation it goes by so fast, well this trip didn't. But that wasn't a bad thing. It went by and we had fun and it was a nice break from our normal day to day. The saddest part of the trip was having to tell Awny and her kids goodbye, we wish they were closer so we could spend more time together. Thanks Mom/Gaco for the great time!!

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Smolkaville said...

So fun! I've never even heard of Bandon, where is that on the coast? We're actually thinking about doing a family reunion on the coast in a few years with my Dad's family. Good times indeed. That's fun your kids have so many cousins to play with. My kids now have 3 cousins, 2 are in LA (Tim's Sisters girls) and then Cannon.