Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The day my 1st born starts school

I wanted to start my own tradition on what we would do the first day of school and I found this yummy coffee cake recipe and decided this would be a nice change from what Ayda normally eats for breakfast. She really liked the idea of eating "cake" for breakfast and also asked if she could have some cookies.
I spent the morning giving Ayda lots of little pep talks, she was cautiously optimistic about starting school. When we got there she was fine, she walked right in and of course, found the art table and went to work creating an art masterpiece. It makes me feel sad that my baby is getting so big but happy she loves school. When we left Zander kept asking, "where my Lala go?" sad right. Here are some pictures from this morning, I can't wait to hear all about her day!


Smolkaville said...

LOL! I feel like we were just talking about coffee cake in our texting earlier today. I guess I better find some sort of tradition too. You have coffee cake, Sarah does cinnamon rolls, hmmm any ideas for me? Maybe mint brownies? :) I'm glad Ayda is excited about school. Carson has loved it too. Although the other day he told me he didn't want to do Chinese next year because he'd already know it by then. When do I break the news to the poor kid that he's stuck for 5 more years!

Jenn said...

SO cute! That coffee cake looks YUMMY! Did it take long to make? Great idea for the first morning of school!

grammy said...

I love the pictures of Ayda's first day outfit! She is too cute.