Thursday, October 6, 2011

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa

It was fun having Pam and Mike come to visit and spend a few days with the kids, they were eyewitnesses to the madness we call life. I think they asked the question more than once, "Does Zander ever walk...?" The answer is no. I am sure they wanted to ask the question, "Does Ayda ever stop talking...?" They didn't but for those of you taking notes, the answer is no.

It was funny because on this trip Grandpa Mike was dubbed "Stinky Pete." Poor Mike, he can't catch a break. Ayda has called him Uncle Mike (think about it the only men she is ever around are her uncles) she's called him Grandma Pam's boyfriend (not his favorite). Then on this trip we thought maybe everyone would get used to just calling him Grandpa...wrong. Zander (who has a serious Toy Story addiction) named him Stinky Pete. It stuck, because now that they are gone he asks, "Where did my Stinky Pete go?"

We were able to spend an afternoon at the Japanese Gardens, the weather was still nice (no rain!) and it was nice to play outside. Pam and Mike were also able to go to one of Ayda's swim lessons and watch both of our little fishes in action. We spent a fun filled afternoon chasing the kids through tunnels and up rope ladders and down too small of slides at Safari Sam's.

Both the kids were sad to see them go, but look forward to our next trip with Grandma and Stinky Pete.


grammy said...

It is always great have grandparents come and visit. The great thing was that the weather was nice and that you could actually go do some fun things. Maybe by the next visit, Mike will be Grandpa.

Grandpa Mike said...

Mike is happy he's not "Grandma Pam's boyfriend" anymore. ;-)